We pick up your pickups

Swingbuy picks up your in-store pickup & delivers to you same-day.  Place an order online or via the phone from a participating local store at The Bellevue Collection and get your in-store pick-up order delivered to your house same-day!

Giving you more time for everything else

How it works

Simply download Swingbuy in the AppStore or go online and view participating stores inside Bellevue Collection. Select your favourite store and start shopping their website. During checkout, please make sure to select the “in-store pick up” option”. Varify that the pick up is ready at the store same-day. Take a screenshot of the confirmation email you receive for your order then upload it to the Swingbuy app or website to schedule your delivery.

One of our Swingbuy delivery drivers will be on the way to pick up your in-store pickup and deliver it to you same day.

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We pick up your
in-store pickup

We pick up your in-store pickup directly from the store.


We deliver your in-store pickup to you same-day.

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We pickup your pickup! With Swingbuy deliveries you’re able to have your in-store pickups delivered to your house. This is a great solution for those times when you cannot go to the store directly but want to receive your in-store pickups as soon as they are ready, same-day.

Simply place your in-store pick up order online or via phone with any participating store. Once you are notified that your order is ready for pick up, go to the Swingbuy App or website to schedule the pickup by simply uploading a screenshot of the confirmation email. Deliveries scheduled before 4pm will be delivered same-day. Any Swingbuys scheduled after 4pm will be delivered next day.

  • First and Last Name of the recipient
  • Delivery address (address of the recipient)
  • The store you ordered from
  • Screenshot of the order confirmation email informing you that the order is ready for pick up.
  • Delivery instructions

You can contact customer service at If you’re a merchant you can contact us at

Yes, Swingbuy delivers alcohol. You must be 21 or older to receive alcohol and the account owner must be present to accept the delivery.

Please be ready to show valid photo ID (driver’s license, state ID, or passport). The Swingbuy driver will take a picture of your ID, but it won’t be saved on their device.

Swingbuy cannot complete the delivery if the account owner:

  • Is not present
  • Does not have a valid photo ID
  • Is under 21
  • Appears intoxicate

Not at this time. Please make sure that your in-store pickups are ready for pick up before scheduling your Swingbuy delivery. If your Swingbuy pickup request was received after 4pm we will deliver your pickup order the following day.

In order to assure every item arrives on time and in an appropriate condition, Swingbuy is currently unable to pick up items from multiple locations. However, you are able to place multiple orders at the same time, in the event you need items from multiple stores.

Swingbuys are launched with Bellevue Collection and current deliver within a 15 miles radius from Bellevue Collection. Additional areas are coming soon.

If your order has not been picked up by the Swingbuy yet:

    • Yes, you can cancel the delivery inside the app.

Once the delivery is scheduled, you won’t be able to update or change the entered delivery address. In the case you need to change or update the delivery address please contact immediately.

For same-day delivery, please confirm that your in-store pickup is indeed ready for pickup. Verify with the store directly before scheduling the Swingbuy pickup. Swingbuys need to be placed before 4pm to guarantee same-day delivery. Swingbuys scheduled after 4pm will automatically be scheduled as a next day delivery.

Please verify inside your Swingbuy account that the delivery was indeed marked as delivered. If you have scheduled a Swingbuy delivery past 4pm, your delivery might be scheduled as a next-day delivery. If you still need help, please contact

When you sign up for an account on Swingbuy, we need to make sure that we have your correct phone number and email associated with your account. Phone number and email verification ensures your account is secure and up to date with the correct information. It also allows us to text or call you if something comes up during your delivery (i.e., order clarification, delay, etc.).

  • It depends. If your order includes alcohol, you must be 21 or older to receive alcohol and the account owner must be present to accept the delivery.
  • Value of order
  • If you designate signature required
  • Otherwise, if the order does not include alcohol or requires a signature, anyone in your household can receive the delivery for you.

Please contact the merchant directly as the merchant is responsible to pack and fulfill the order. If you have still questions, please contact

In order to schedule a Swingbuy pickup, you need to upload the order confirmation received from the merchant you placed the order at. If you did not receive an order confirmation from your merchant, please reach out to your merchant directly as Swingbuy is not responsible for the order process itself.